Let's create a world where everyone can partner with relevant problem solvers in the most timely, outcome-driven & personalized way.

Startups/SMB executives are almost always lagging access to on-demand expertise from external specialists, to keep them updated with the latest & less obvious trends with technologies, patterns, and people. 
Additionally, employees often don't have enough unbiased coaching support to grow and be their best. As Coaching ranges from technical, creative to behavioral, it is nearly impossible for companies to do their best for employees despite best intentions. This is the pain, we empathize with on the demand side.


On the supply side, Domain experts/Coaches are always looking forward to making more impact, solve more problems, grow their network, and be compensated for their brains/experience and not just for labor.

We empower awesome learners to partner with proven experts over a common outcome as a joint intellectual force in the most timely, flexible, and symbiotic manner.

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