Best Practices on Booking Sessions


Headstrt's vision is to be a premier Social Learning Network globally for every person, anytime for any situation they are considering taking insights on. We will always keep a free version of Headstrt so that we can make a meaningful impact on all our users even when they choose not to or can’t spend any money on us. The reason is that we want to democratize wisdom as we feel illumination, enlightenment, and being able to learn from other’s insights is not a gift for a lucky few but a human right, we want to empower all our users with. We are proud of what we can bring to the daily lives of all our users based on their interaction with our product and our ecosystem. Our mission is to only get better at serving relevant insights in the most timely, personalized manner to as many people as we can and empowering them to request/share wisdom with as many others on our or beyond our network. 

Bookings on Headstrt Marketplace

Booking is amongst the prime features of the Headstrt marketplace. This is the functionality through Clients who can discover Experts that can make potentially a meaningful impact. The matches are personalized to the search intent of the clients and are curated based on expertise or insights. Clients can further personalize the matches based on filters, to connect with Experts most personalized to the client's preference. 

What makes Headstrt different from other marketplaces is that clients are able to partner with Experts who are generously participating pro-bono as well as those Experts who chose to be compensated for their time. While both types of Experts will add value in their own ways, but the ones that chose to be compensated, drive the expectation for delivering more value for the fees the clients will compensate them with. 

Mechanics of Bookings functionality

There are 2 scenarios here, based on if an Expert is working pro-bono or if they are getting compensated. Based on the scenario, clients have the option the update the inputs on the booking page. Here is what happens:

Pro-Bono Experts:

Each session will only be consisting of 1 meeting with a maximum duration of 15 mins. Clients do not have the option to increase the number of meetings or meeting duration for any of the Pro-Bono sessions.

Compensated Experts:

In this case, the clients have the option to increase the number of meetings, as well as meeting duration for the session, agreed on. We are offering clients the flexibility to customize sessions, as it is only fair for them to better control their payments in the form of session fees they will owe Headstrt before the meetings begin. The mentee will have the option to have as many meetings as they like with each meeting lasting being b/w 15 mins to 90 mins, in 15 mins increments (i.e 15 mins, 30 mins, 45 mins, 60 mins, 75 mins, 90 mins)


What we recommend for the Sessions functionality

While for paid sessions, clients certainly have more options by their side to best extract value from the Experts based on the former’s preference and expectations, we certainly don’t want to shy away from recommending our mentees of the below best practices. These are:

The number of meetings:

If you are new to an Expert, we recommend you kick off with a fewer number of meetings so that you can good value from the mentor for limited fees. If you are impressed with the expert's abilities you can certainly request them sessions with a higher number of meetings in the future.

Meeting duration:

Just as above, we recommend leaning towards shorter durations so that you can great value with limited fees. Also, shorter meetings keep both sides relatively enthusiastic and energetic, as great mentoring sessions are relatively quite demanding from an Expert or client's point of view. 

A Reasonable Outcome:

To maximize your chances of having your request accepted by the Expert you have approached, we encourage coming up with a meaningful yet achievable outcome. Anything too high leads to a possibility of not being able to accept your session request or under-deliver, given the size of ask.

Introductory Note:

Optional, but a good way to break the ice and greet your mentor.

Final note

We want our users to have a delightful time while they sharing and learning from each other. Headstrt will continue to build & invest in Technology that can accelerate our development into a platform that can meet the expectations of our ecosystem in the most beneficial way. We have high empathy for our users, even more so when they are mentees as they have chosen us to invest their money for requesting partnerships. We want them to always walk out with valuable inputs in fair and constructive ways.