Compensation Eligibility?


Headstrt is an Expert Network with a vision to empower users to learn from each other’s experiences and expertise. Empathy, transparency, active listening, cost-effectiveness, Timeliness with a strong bias for the outcome can prove to impactful while working out solutions for unique situations and challenges. We want to be a premier platform that helps users solve problems for other users at scale and become the most favored thing to get help after Internet research.

We plan on accomplishing the above by attracting millions of users who would be trustworthy, successful, resourceful, and emotionally intelligent mentors, who want to symbiotically grow with mentees. While there are many compelling reasons why such mentors should come and build partnerships on Headstrt, such as:

  1. Ability to learn from mentoring/consulting peers and growing from their feedback

  2. Emotional & intellectual fulfillment of being able to make a significant difference to a peer

  3. Opportunity to grow your network by partnering with a diverse set of mentees

  4. Getting recognition from a network of diverse mentees from our global marketplace

  5. Getting detailed feedback about their capabilities and conversation experience

  6. And more 


While all the above are certainly fulfilling and motivating, we believe that in order for a marketplace to be sustainable we need to create a truly engaging & symbiotic environment, where Experts feel motivated to help as many users as possible to the best of their capabilities. With this principle, we believe that top-performing mentors should be able to compensate themselves for all the great value they are adding to our network. The next few sections will walk you through the nuances of our compensation model for users who are advising on our marketplace. 


We only compensate top performers.

While Clients and Experts are rating each other across different parameters, we work to project aggregate Clients Ratings & Experts Ratings scores for every user based on ratings they receive from the network over time. These are scores that would be displayed on their profiles to aid decision making for other users to partner with them. A comprehensive summary of underlying components that make up those aggregate scores would be visible to each user so that they are able to better appreciate what factors they are doing good at and what factors they could possibly invest in improving on. Our vision is that this breakdown will empower all users to grow their skills at points where growth makes the biggest impact.


Based on the above principle, we had decided as a platform that for now only users with an aggregate Expert score of 3.5 or above (Out of 5) will be eligible to get compensated on the Headstrt marketplace for the partnerships they drive in form of Feedback, Micro-Mentorship, Consultation or sharing an experience. Why are we doing so? That’s because:

  1. Clients should only pay for top quality partnerships, as this is their hard-earned money and we would want them to benefit strongly from the same

  2. We want to strongly motivate the Experts on Headstrt marketplace to drive a competitive performance from their side and be selective in terms of what they promise to which mentees. Remember, you would only be as good a mentor as the growth you drive for your mentees.

  3. We want users to benefit strongly from useful yet free help for a lot of times, and give opportunities to budding mentors to gain recognition and experience without getting badly outcompeted by more tenured mentors for business. We want our entire network to grow through partnerships

  4. We want to build a culture where Mentors only accept requests shall they truly have the expertise to meet the desired needs of the partnership. In doing so, we overcome Micro-monopolies as a marketplace where certain users start driving heavy traffic towards themselves and depriving other deserving users in the marketplace of partnership opportunities. This also ensures that mentees get to work with a variety of mentors and benefit from niche expertise rather than the generalized intelligence of a select number of popular mentors.

You are only paid for as long as you meet the cut.

So for as long as a user maintains an Expert rating of 3.5 & over, they have the opportunity to earn an attractive mentoring fee for themselves. The moment their Expert ratings dip below 3.5, they will be led to start accepting session requests for free unless they are able to get back their Mentor rating to 3.5 and over


This also means that users with no Expert ratings or new Expert on Headstrt will be led to accept session requests for free till the time they are able to exceed the same benchmarks. We are pursuing the policies for what we explained in the above sections.

Can every Mentor get paid?

As a US incorporated global marketplace, we do have compliance requirements to meet in regard to whom we can remit money to. It is our legal obligation to verify before-hand that the individual/entity to whom we remit fees is someone to whom we could legally send money to. We are bound by various global financial regulations agreements through our pay-out vendors to ensure that we are only remitting money to users who are legally eligible to receive money. If you are unsure why your profile could not be verified or why users were not allowed to earn money on our network, then you are welcome to file a support ticket in our portal and we will revert back with the same.


Besides the above, we expect all users who want to earn fees with Headstrt to have a legit bank account/Paypal accounts. As our marketplace grows bigger we will introduce more payout options including mobile wallets. 



Pro Bono? 

At Headstrt we clearly realize that we live in a world that has many gracious and compassionate individuals who value contributing back to the community over everything else. We want to let them know that Headstrt awaits their participation with the highest form of respect. Every time a Mentor accepts a Micro-Mentoring/ Feedback/ Consultation/ Share an experience request, they would always have the option to mark it as a Pro-Bono request and release the mentee from the obligations to pay any fee for that partnership session. That way compassionate experts can continue to help as many users as they can at Scale with Headstrt and grow their popularity and recognition, which they clearly deserve.