Mentoring Guidelines


Headstrt is Social Learning Network and we always want to be a top choice for our existing & potential users when it comes to pursuing mentoring sessions. We intend to achieve and maintain this high bar because:

  1. It’s a part of the company mission to empower and foster quality and sessions b/w mentees & mentors

  2. It’s only fair for the mentees to get that good response and participation as they have chosen to invest their hard-earned money on you (Mentors) and our platform

  3. This helps our Mentor’s grow faster and get more bookings on Headstrt 


The trust Mentees have on us is something we take great pride in and want to continue to treat it amongst our top priorities to exceed our user’s expectations when it comes to platform experience. 


The way we execute on the above is by setting expectations for Mentors across any session at Headstrt. The below section will walk us through some policies we have set for Mentors while they guide & interact Mentees on the Headstrt platform. 

Mentoring Policies

  1. Tardiness:
    Always strive to start meeting on time, as no one deserves to be waiting for their session, even more so when they have booked appointments in advance and have already paid the entire mentoring fees. Our Algorithms will track this behavior with the mentor’s behavior and would reward timeliness and penalize being late to the meetings, with possible reductions in future mentoring fees.

  2. Politeness & Decency:
    We take conduct and communication seriously and expect Mentors to communicate fairly, maintaining objectivity and responsible communication. Any instance of Sullying, misleading, swearing, shouting will lead to penalties in the form of mentee ratings and reduction of future mentoring fees for the mentor. Mentors who have complaints against them in regards to the same from 5 or more Mentees will be temporarily or permanently banned from our platform.

  3. Hanging up:
    All Session calls will end automatically at the end of the stipulated meeting duration for that call. Ending the call early is solely a prerogative of the Mentee. If a Mentor is found doing the same, then Mentee does have the right to request a partial refund for the unlapsed time. Requesting a partial is solely at the discretion of Mentee if the call was terminated by the Mentor


  4. Mis-leading or Deception or Unlawful Advisory:
    As a platform, we strive to maintain a high bar for Trust & Safety and expect our users to make our community stronger by complying with our community Guidelines, Publishing Guidelines, and other platform policies. While most of our users and in complete agreement of these policies and their enforcement, there would always be a fraction of users who are abusive of any policies. If Mentors are proven to be soliciting illegal information, deceiving or bringing damage to mentees with deceiving or deliberately harmful information, as indicated by local laws of the Mentee’s country. Mentors who have complaints against them in regards to the same from 5 or more Mentees will be permanently banned from our platform. 


  5. Breach of Privacy:
    Either parties are expected to respect each other’s privacy by not recording Audio/Video calls of the other side without the written consent of each other. Headstrt has no-inbuilt feature on its App for recording conversations and if the Mentee/Mentor tries to use any feature from their device outside, they are certainly committing some disrespectful to their counter-part and possibly something illegal to as per laws of several counties. Users who have complaints against them in regards to the same from 5 or more users will be permanently banned from our platform. 


We realize that the above policies seem strict and restrictive, but you can absolutely have a great experience with Headstrt without engaging in any of the above “undesirable” & unsuitable activities. While we want our users to reap great value from our App & services, but we also want to ensure that this remains an untroubled & secure experience for all of them. If you see find yourself in sessions opposite users who are failing to comply with our community guidelines, Trust & Safety, and publishing guidelines then kindly report them to us and we will undertake corrective actions to be able to serve you better.