Payments, Payouts, and Commissions


Headstrt is a global online marketplace, where users can share wisdom products with each other in return for a mentoring fee. While in a lot of cases there would be no fees involved, everything else will be delivered for a fee. Headstrt marketplace is facilitating the fees between the mentee and mentor and is acting as a trusted & secure moderator in this process. We want to ensure fair, accurate, secure & timely transfer of money from the mentee to mentor in every paid mentoring session. 

At Headstrt, every time a mentee and mentor confirm a partnership with each other we declare that partnership as a session as our naming convention. Each Session can have a variable number of meetings, of varying durations, expected outcome, and meeting schedule, all of which are decided or proposed mostly by the mentee. Mentor will have an opportunity to share revisions in terms of meeting outcome and meeting schedule, to enable both sides to partner effectively with each other. 

For every paid session, money is to be paid by Mentee, which will include the mentoring fees and VAT/GST as would be the need. The next sections will walk you through the details.

Mentee payments

Every time a mentee requests a session from a paid Mentor and the Mentor accepts the Session, the mentee will be paying the entire mentoring fees as well as VAT/GST compliance requirements of Mentor’s Local country for local & international businesses who are buying their educational services. So for example, if the total mentoring fees = 200$ and the VAT is 7%, then the Mentee will be paying 200 + (7 x 200) = 214$ for that session. 

The funds will be drawn from the Mentee account automatically after they and the mentor have accepted the session. The Mentee will be provided with a confirmation payment screen before the funds are transferred from their account via payment processor & checkout to our Merchant account. Headstrt will keep the money in its Merchant account and remit it to the Mentor on the confirmation of completion of a session from both sides. Headstrt will service the VAT/GST from the mentee’s payment amount to the necessary authorities or governments, retain its cut for its marketplace services, and remit the rest to the Mentor.

Mentee’s Payment

Mentoring fees a Mentee has to fulfill is calculated by multiplying the number of meetings (N)  x  Meeting duration in hours (H)  x  Hourly Mentoring fee (M).

So For eg:- 
If N = 3, H = .5 (30 mins) and M = 100$,  Fees = N x H x M = 3 x .5 x 100 = 150$.

The Mentee will be charged the entire amount of upfront, plus the necessary VAT/GST, they owe to the respective govt. Headstrt operates in most countries with each country having a different approach for VAT/GST compliance for US Marketplaces. If there are any VAT/GST fees that are applicable to the bill payment, Headstrt will make it clear both on the Invoice as well as on the payment checkout page for the user.

Mentoring fees

Every mentor gets the total mentoring fees for that Headstrt session minus the corresponding Headstrt commission. Headstrt commission is 15% of total mentoring fees for that session, the other 85% is remitted to the mentor.

For eg:- If the total mentoring fees for that Session is 500$, then Headstrt takes 75$ (15% of 500% ) as platform fees and remits the other 425$ (85% of 500% )% to the mentor. 

Funds will be remitted to our mentors at their respective pay-out methods (Bank Accounts, Paypal, etc). It is to be noted that most pay-out methods in the world charge a certain transfer fee (1 - 4%), which in the case of Headstrt will be born by the Mentors. Mentors shall expect to receive money in their local currencies into their payout methods. Money shall be sent within 10 business days of the completion of a session.

Headstrt commission

Headstrt charges the above commission of 15% for the below services:

  • Keep the platform running for our substantial server & technology expenses while serving our services through mobile apps & website

  • Pay our operational costs (Headcount, overheads, regulatory costs, Advertising, miscellaneous, etc)

  • Provide the moderation, security & enablement to help individuals partners with each other fairly & securely in an online environment

  • Help users with the generation of reports, recommendations, tax forms, and assets unique to Headstrt such as Comprehensive rating assessment, enablement to share Insights with our network, Mentee & Mentor reviews

Session Cancellation

Each Session could be canceled anytime by either the mentee or the mentor. We want to be a platform that empowers our users with autonomy and flexibility to accommodate other important ongoing necessities at their end. Canceling a confirmed session, won’t affect a user’s rating or review, however, if we are able to identify users with a pattern for frequent or irrational cancellations, then they could be temporarily or permanently blocked from using our platform.

We will process a full refund for bookings canceled at least 7 days (168 hours) before the first scheduled meeting. Our cancellation policy protects the interests of our mentees against incorrect booking appointments or any sudden change of plans for the mentee.

                                                                           Alternatively, Mentors are also allowed to cancel bookings at least 7 days (168 hours) before the first scheduled meeting. If the mentee cancels the session within 7 days of the first meeting, they will end up losing the money for the first meeting and will be refunded money for all remaining meetings.


At Headstrt we take our user’s experience and security seriously. We want them to feel empowered about their decision to partner with a Mentor in exchange of them bearing the fee. In cases of disputes or pre-mature session termination, we would refund back the remainder of the fees on a pro-rata basis, rounding it off to the nearest 15 mins. The below cases shall provide a better explanation with different scenarios:

  • No Refund: 

    1. Mentee A completes a session satisfactorily with Mentor B

    2. Mentee A completes a session with Mentor B that has 4 meetings for a total of 200$, or each meeting being 50$. If the Mentee has completed all 4 meetings and did not report to us any complaints of proven inaccurate delivery or unacceptable behavior against the mentor, there would be no refund. In case of a conflict, the mentee will have to submit evidence of a breach of community guidelines or impersonation against a mentor, to get the money refunded from the last meeting, else it will amount to 0 refunds.

  • Full refund: We will process a full refund to the mentee if: 

    1. Mentee cancels the session at least 3 days (or 72 hours) before the first meeting 

    2. Mentor cancels the session any point before completion

    3. Either the mentee or the mentor reports each other before the first meeting

  • Partial refund: We will process a partial refund to the mentee if: 

    1. Mentee cancels the session after the first meeting; The mentoring fees + VAT/GST fees for the rest of the meetings will be returned on a prorated basis 

    2. Mentee cancels the session less than 3 days before the first meeting; The mentoring fees + VAT/GST fees for the rest of the meetings will be returned on a prorated basis 

    3. Either the mentee or the mentor reports each other before Session completes. In that case, the mentee will be refunded the fees for the remaining meetings. They would also be returned the fee for the current meeting, rounded in the remaining 15-minute blocks. So in a 30-minute meeting, Mentee reported on the 16th minute, mentee gets no refund. But if they cancel on the 14th minute or before then they would be refunded 15 minutes of Mentoring fees along with the proportionate GST/VAT/Sales tax.


Reporting a User

If a particular user has been blocked by over 5 users, who have initiated sessions with the defaulting user with evidence of unacceptable or irresponsible behavior, which brings any form of hardships or inconvenience for our community, Headstrt reserves the right to block this person temporarily or permanently. Such blocked users will lose their opportunity to make an income on Headstrt.

Our mission is to be the World’s most premier Sharing Wisdom platform. Our platform operates in a basic capacity in nearly all countries and as a payment platform in the majority of countries, to begin with. We want to facilitate an environment where our users can safely and conveniently share knowledge with anyone else in the most personalized, empathetic, and conversational format. We strive to help users when just internet research doesn’t seem to fulfill all their knowledge needs to make decisions. 

We want to promote a culture of harmony, trust, transparency, and fairness. If we catch users who try to deprive our community of any of its principles, then we would undertake swift actions against that user, so that we can maintain our community in the high standards we envisioned to have for our ecosystem.

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