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11 Things to seek in your next Micro-Mentoring Session

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Helping others grow in life or career is a Nobel responsibility whether voluntary or involuntary. You have the opportunity to share all your clever decisions and mistakes with someone else and make a meaningful contribution to their personal, professional or social lives. There is a sense of gratification, a feeling of accomplishment, and possible compensation rewards too. But there is a lot more to Micro-Mentoring that just that.

Think about all the other direct & in-direct benefits you have a change of gaining:

  1. Getting feedback from your mentee on how you can improve more as a Mentor

  2. Great work is done, also gets recognition and growth in the network plus more introductions that possibly translate in future revenue with minimal effort

  3. Growing critical skills such as Active listening, Grasping abilities, empathetic guidance, and contextualized reasoning

  4. Exposure to new problems and/or new approaches to the same problems

  5. Solve problems that align closely with your expertise and Insights, to further strengthen them

  6. The flexibility of working with several mentees over different time horizon and custom cadence

  7. Ability to benchmark good mentees over the others, as you are able to work with so many in the same time period; This lets you prudently chose to partner with the best mentees for long-term

We see tons of positives with Micro-Mentoring and that's exactly why we built a platform to enable our users, Mentees should not be in a rush to finalize their Sessions with Micro-Mentors and should consider a range of factors such as:

  1. Does this Session align well the problem at hand for me and have I done my research to benefit significantly from this session

  2. Has the Mentor helped others in the past, what do their past reviews say about them?

  3. What impact did the Mentor have on their past mentees?

  4. How much time and what cadence I should dedicate towards this and what will be a reasonable end goal to have on the same?

  5. Will this session help me expand my network and possibly open up opportunities for me?

  6. Are both sides incentivized enough to give their best to this session?

  7. Do we have proper trust & safety measures to protect us from faulty or unreliable professionals

  8. Is there a good personality fit b/w me & the mentor?

  9. Am I able to compensate the mentor fairly for their time & efforts? Would they like to work with me again?

  10. Am I ready to better utilize Mentor's abilities & resources at this point in time?

  11. Will the Micro-Mentor have enough time & resources for me, to help me meet goals?

Needless to say, it's a long list, and getting a perfect fit could be hard, but if we can get our network to be sufficiently large, it buys everyone choices and empowers them to work with someone that best suits their needs. Micro-mentoring can add significant value but it's far away from one-size-fits-all as every person has a unique situation, and for every situation, some Micro-mentors will be better suited than most others. With a strategy in hand & access to a large network, it becomes easier to find a mentor that best aligns with your goals. After all, Micro-Mentorship is an investment and you want to do it wisely as it is costing you time, money, efforts, and emotions.

At Headstrt.com, the mission to empower our users with the same is near & dear to our heart and we are building an Intelligence Marketplace to address this global opportunity. We can't wait to have you in our community!

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