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5 tactics to improve your chances of finding a new job.

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Getting a job in the current economy is a significant task that happens to take a lot of if's and but's. It is not enough to set the foot without having to prepare for the outcome or preparing for an interview at a new job.

All companies are looking for professionals with a great fit that can actively take part in the company's progress while helping them to improve their industry positioning. This is the reason why professionals work hard towards up-skilling & gaining valuable experience, as many organizations are looking for a change with the help of exceptional talent.

Key factors to understand before landing a job

There are three significant factors that check-in before looking or searching for a new job.

1. Understanding the use of mentorship.

2. Using better insights from conventional sources.

3. Using the help of leaders and taking a peek into their Wisdom.

With all the points stated, Micro-Mentorship is an effective way through which Professionals learn about the idea of how a job role can be delegated to them. With the help of Micromentoring, their opinions are validated, and it helps in making oneself more useful.

Insights about the position/job is another crucial element which helps in landing a role in a new company. Insights about what is happening in and around, help the professional to idealize the viewpoints of the company, which can be a beneficial factor not just for interview performance but also for the candidate to understand if this is the company they should be spending their next couple of years at. After all, time is limited and opportunities abound for talented professionals.

How to land a role in a new job?

The blues of finding a new job while continuing with your current one are real. But as life goes on, everyone has to move on and find something better. There are regulative chances of increasing the chances of being selected for a new job, which can help to bring a smile on the face.

1. Conduct, Communication, and Behavior

‘In fact, the confidence of the people is worth more than money’- Carter Woodson.

When hundreds of applicants are aspiring for the same position, organizational heads are often looking for someone who has the right amount of confidence & enthusiasm. It's one thing you possess these rare qualities and 2nd that you are able to communicate & showcase them strategically to your advantage. This is a skill that is learned with experience, but you can gain a lot more at the same time, by learning from other's experiences too.

2. Emphasizing on the critical points of having a strength

Skill strengths are the backbone of a candidate, and without emphasizing sufficiently on that, your application stands a chance to get tossed in the bin. Beating around the bush and dodging the this can become a frustration for employers as they want to close on the hiring process in a limited time. Making this job easy for them will be mutually beneficial.

3. Solid Research into the company/position

Having solid information points about the role & the company can dramatically improve your positioning for landing a role with the. What's the company's vision? What do customers say about them? How do their Social Media pages look like? What do past employees say about them? Any deep, contextualized insights that can strengthen up your research about the hard skills or strategic skills they are seeking in you.

4. Network build and management outreach

Network building and management outreach help in forming the social and professional connection of the candidate for the role. It helps the candidate get a foot in the door. Attending social parties, the community meets and greets, being a part of the company's forum group, etc. makes sure that the candidate is visible to the managers.

5. Not letting the rejections get into the way.

Applying for more than one job comes with a perk and a lot of rejections.

‘I am good at walking away. Rejection teaches you how to react’- Jeanette Winterson.

Rejections are a part of life, and no man (or woman) has ever lived to say that he hasn't faced a single rejection. When so many interviews are on the table, rejections are just a part n parcel of the process. Candidates applying for the role are bound to face rejections, but letting that peek into their confidence is an involuntary way of giving up. Micro-Mentorship, on this hand, can help in guiding towards the right path as mentors are always sharing better ideas to help someone smile for the day.

World's First Sharing Wisdom Platform at your help

At Headstrt, we feel the world makes its best moves on Insights and it is a fundamental right for every human being to be able to access them for every time they run into a challenge or opportunity. As a working professional, there would be certain jobs that excite us more and we should not give up especially when we have the capabilities to deliver on the same. But there is a big difference we feeling we will fit in Vs the company finally making an offer to get us onboard. But let that not affect your confidence and we hope you feel empowered to make the right decisions with the help of great Insights on our Content platform.

We help the learning to be diligent and relatively easy to grasp. Gaining insights about a matter can be tough, but we make sure that only the wisest one is shared and that one can benefit well and good. We believe that we are all in this together, to make our lives a little better.

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