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6 Reasons Headstrt also powers free Micro-Mentorship

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

How much we miss & cherish people who have helped us out in times of trouble or offered us something really valuable for free. These could be loved ones or professionals who rescued us from troubles or hardships while they struck us or sometimes even pre-emptively. They made our life better, provided us valuable learnings, and even made the process less cumbersome for us. While all those things in itself is something we will fondly cherish, the fact they did it for free makes them precious and their efforts invaluable for us. Just imagine, how hard would it be for us to go find that help on our own and how much would that have costed us in terms of time, efforts & resources. We value such precious relationships and hope they sustain long term, simply because we know our we love them.

At Headstrt, we want to deliver the opportunity for all of our users several times in their life. We feel we live a society where the ones most deserving and most needful of insights should be helped by the community so that they can grow further in life and benefit back the society with the achievements & contributions. At Heart, we are a knowledge graph that can empower users with an exchange of contextual insights. As soon as users discover the Insights that best resonates with their current situations or something they want a lot more clarity on then, they are welcome to book a session with the owner of the Insight. For the duration of this Insight, the user requesting guidance is called as the Mentee while the one offering guidance is called the Mentor. As a part of the free session, a mentee can request for a single Audio call meeting with the Mentor for the duration of up to 30 mins. Once a Mentor has accepted this session, the Micro-Mentorship session is officially enabled, and the mentee & mentor are all set to benefit from each other's ideas, insights, context, & constructive criticism for Free.

Now that we understand the Mechanics of free Micro-Mentorships, so let us now understand better the more interesting part as to why Headstrt supports this initiative and why we would love you to join our community for the same:

  • Giving back to Community: As unfortunate it can be but we live in an incredibly unequal world where infrequently opportunities come to find you on the basis of which house/country/religion/gender/disabilities/political views, and many more prejudices. While unfortunately, there is little we can do to completely eradicate prejudices from the world in a finite time, what we can do together is to guide someone who is less fortunate or is currently facing hardships into a relatively better life.

  • Alignment with the most magnanimous: During our pre-product research phase, we realised that there are many gifted and large-hearted who want to exclusively mentor for free if they really like whom they are mentoring. We salute this spirit of selflessness and want to join forces with them by keeping a part of our platform always free.

  • Fulfilment: If you have helped someone before and made an impact in their lives, you would know the sense of joy & purpose you feel in life. We want you to re-live those gold moments over n over with Headstrt.

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” James Keller
  • Growing together: There is a lot in store for you when you are helping others beyond contentment and joy. Their feedback on your inputs, being able to track a mentee's growth with your inputs and increasing your situational intelligence by raising the bar on social & self-awareness. Additionally, with Headstrt, you will also benefit from their reviews and Rating breakdown so that you can better quantify your abilities across various sources.

  • Stepping up your Profile: A lot of people out there have been mentoring for a long time, but then are a lot more of others who are relatively new to mentoring and are looking for opportunities to grow themselves as Mentors. We feel, everyone deserves a start for something so symbiotic, and we want to be your favorite platform when it comes to growing your mentor profile from scratch.

  • Better health: Yes it is scientifically proven and we could not stop ourselves from sharing this.

Headstrt is Social Learning Network for Insights and our vision is to empower & incentivize our users to share & discover novel Insights with each other. While enabling users with our Knowledge graph of novel Insights is certainly something we will invest heavily in, but there is a lot more we have in store for our users. We can't wait to see you in our community, thanks so much for reading.

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