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6 reasons you & me, are attracted to Insights

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Human beings have long been attracted to studying patterns in nature & commerce from a time long before. We seek the understand the forces behind patterns so that we can better plan our lives and feel at peace with the randomness around us. But identifying patterns is not just for the super-curious or info-maniacs. Identifying clear and early patterns often increases our odds of success or of realising our ambitions, and who dislikes doing that? In fact, it is our very ability to learn patterns early enough that helped us to dominate species as it helped us change gears from prey to predator. Most predators are pretty good at finding patterns related to their survival. Human beings are able to find patterns for a multitude of things much beyond topics that are of physical existential threats to them.

“From where we stand the rain seems random. If we could stand somewhere else, we would see the order in it.” Tony Hillerman, Coyote Waits

But understanding patterns is just a precursor to something that's even more valuable. This precious intangible asset is called Insight, and it can increase our odds of getting a task or a decision right. If Patterns are the "fossils" then Insights are the "fuel" that can drive things forward for us. Now that we understand the relationship b/w Insights & patterns, let us shed some light on why humans value Insights so much:

  1. Inner Peace: We feel a lot more at peace when we are able to understand the music in noise and be able to segregate; Gathering Insights makes us feel empowered and in better control of objects or challenges around us, as human beings are wired to understanding the order

  2. Discover the undiscovered: Beautifully described in this blog, the best patterns are the ones that have not been discovered and we keep an eye out for them then future is limitless

  3. Drive for success: Pulling a leaf from this excellent book, In a highly competitive setting, the difference b/w expert and everyone else is often tiny and is often caused by understanding things faster. Understanding faster is often enabled by faster access to Insights and not just faster understanding.

  4. Curiosity for "Why": It's cliched now that "what & how" are great, but the "why" behind the scenes is often the most impactful aspect. Nicely explained here with examples.

  5. Ahead of the Game: Insight is one of the most effective and innovative ways to stay ahead of the game, by noticing something special in things known to everyone. More details here with examples.

  6. Experience the Dopamine: Call it secondary benefits & yields in the form of creativity kick, a reward for intelligence or empowerment, but Insights have also proven to be mood boosters.

I am certain there is a lot more to it than just these 6 reasons pointed out and we would love to update our blog with them, coming from your suggestions. But to cut the long short, Insights is something very positive if acquired wisely without overspending time or money on them. If we can cut the over complications and build ourselves towards 'selective attention' to attract more insights, it will only yield us rich dividends in both short & long run. Above all, Insights like wisdom only grows when you share it with others.

We can't wait to see how you transform your life with the Insights you discover on our Sharing Wisdom Platform. Come join our community at Headstrt.com.

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