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6 things to do, to knock off workplace discrimination

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Alex got selected for a role at a new job, the one he has been eyeing on for quite some time. It was his ideal job, or what he would describe until he got there on the first day and saw his boss discriminating employees according to their work roles. Alex knew that it was going to be a problem for him in the long run, so he decided to follow tips and tricks to ensure that he wouldn't fall into the trap.

While Alabama and Mississippi have passed no such legislation, Georgia’s law only applies to businesses with 10 or more employees.

Discrimination at the workplace, as explained in the first paragraph, is widespread. Racial bias is not the only discrimination that happens in an office. There are age discrimination as well as employee salary and standards onto which they are marked. Mentors have explained over this fact that perception can cause harm to a company's image. Moreover, it can cause a lack of attendance and the willingness to work from the employee's end.

How to deal effectively with discrimination at the workplace?

Dealing with discrimination is a complete two-fold process.

‘The moment a little boy is concerned with which is a jay and which is a sparrow, he can no longer see the birds or hear them sing.’ - Eric Berne

It needs better knowledge while understanding the anti-discrimination laws. On the other hand, following the general or specific rules and regulations on which the discriminations are based. Paying close attention to the company's needs and wants helps in understanding the core & your company's principles and values.

Early and empathetic communication delivered from the company's end, helps the employees to stand up and talk about problems freely. It helps to come out sorted and motivated so that work productivity is not hampered and the goals are met. Insights on the worker's part as to what the company values and seeks to achieve, help in a deeper understanding of the purpose and growth-related opportunities.

Tips and tricks to handle discrimination at the workplace

Overcoming discrimination at the workplace is a strenuous job, but with the help of a particular pair of guidelines, any bias can be confronted.

1. Pay attention to what is invisible

Managers are always working hard to find subtle ways to leave hints for employers to understand that their experience has been negative. Identifying and resolving these hints & suggestions can lead to early wins for your team. Low morale, team conflicts, and possible can lawsuits can definitely affect the productivity and happiness level of your team.

2. Deliver guidance at the right time

It should be easy for employees to exchange Insights, knowledge, facts, and feedback with each other transparently and freely. Additionally, the company could encourage employees to seek guidance from external experts, who have a proven track record, demonstrated expertise & insights to guide employees and are willing to see your employees grow. This could be a win-win for both company & the employee.

3. Don't play favorites

Discrimination happens when playing a favorite for managers becomes a sub-conscious aim instead of the company's growth. Making sure that the growth opportunities, benefits & flexibility are available for everyone helps all the workers feel valued and being treated fairly. Any unscientific principles over here can easily give the impression of discrimination and the company should always pre-emptively reduce such cases.

4. Toss that 'prejudices' lens

Human beings have a long and undesiring relationship with prejudices. No matter, how objective and open-minded we get there is always a chance that we might make the error of letting our prejudices blind us from making better people-centered decisions. While completely eliminating this fallacy might not be possible, keep communication respectful, fair & empathetic for one and all, can definitely make the difference b/w a mixed image & a strong image amongst employees.

5. Tactful and encouraging communication

Be careful of what you say to someone and when you say that to the specific person. In the workplace, it is straightforward to click off with someone, mainly when the working personnel lies in a higher position. Managers are always trying their hard to stop the avalanche of negative feelings from gushing out, which can cause a downfall impact on the productivity of work.

6. Make everyone involved and empowered

Discrimination happens when employees are out of sight. This can be traced back to the old school and college days. Back in the days, having to have fallen out of the marked attendance, caught the eyes of the teacher. A workplace is somewhat the same where managers want all to participate equally. Participating in the company’s work and events brings positivity from all end.

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