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7 benefits for Domain Experts to voluntarily consult

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Subject matter experts are a rare breed. They are specialists in the world of generalists and learners who have built mastery in a niche field after several years of hard work and by accomplishing many complex & challenging tasks in that domain. Even when most Domain experts choose a few niche areas to build solid expertise on, there are a few things in common between them, such as:

  1. Heavy preference for depth over breadth, as they clearly understand that being at the top for a few specialties is better than being easily out-bested across every single category

  2. They love pushing the boundaries of "what's possible" in that area of expertise to deeply understand when & where can things go wrong

  3. Extreme passion & empathy for their area of expertise; One can only spend so many years going deep with a niche if they are magnetized by its complexities, scope, and advantages

An expert is someone who knows some of the worst mistakes that can be made in his subject, and how to avoid them.” ―Werner Heisenberg

While most of these domain experts are successful in their careers and are possibly already pressed for time, they should still consider giving a thought to voluntary consulting, whether it's paid or unpaid. Here is what they are missing out on, by not pursuing these independent consulting opportunities outside their full-time professions:

  1. Expanding your network: By partnering with people & guiding them, Domain experts are only strategically expanding their network which can be both professional or social.

  2. Opportunity to turn ideas into action: By consulting diverse sets of people outside your usual circle, you are likely getting exposed to new problems/challenges outside what you have accomplished. This gives you a practical & live view into how your strategies will drive an impact in a new environment.

  3. Getting Detailed Feedback: Teaching is the best way to learn and your clients/learners can provide you with detailed feedback on your strengths & weaknesses. This unbiased source of feedback can help you identify and double down on aspects you aren't very good at.

  4. Secondary Income: Pursuing something you are passionate about becomes fun and sustainable when its paid. At Headstrt, we make it a point to compensate our top mentors across all fields. A new source of income will diversify & reduce your income risk from your current sources, which is always a positive.

  5. Market Research: The best way to understand the latest trends in the market is by diving right in and interacting with consumers, identifying their pain points and spot the demand patterns. By working with users on a marketplace, will you understand which skills or problems are the highest in demand and unlock revenue opportunities for you.

  6. Endorsements for great performance: Great online marketplaces can help you establish a mentor score & reviews that a lot of people can trust and hire you for. Nothing better than your early customers becoming your evangelist for the greater market.

  7. It feels good to help: A lot of people derive emotional & psychological satisfaction from helping others as it is a source of fulfillment for them to make a meaningful contribution to others' lives. But benefits don't stop there, the list goes on.

At Headstrt, we realize the above applies to many people from our audience and we have built a platform where users can discover experts on the basis of Insights shared by the expert. We are excited about people solving people's problems with strategies/ideas only people would know. We can't wait to have you on our community and enable us to grow with you.

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