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Growing and improving at Workplace with constructive criticism

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Your Workplace is a platform where you are supposed to grow and reach new heights. There is an art to guide every single employee working.

Directness, integrity, and truthfulness are allowed. But if you face backlash from your supervisor all the time, then it forms a primary hurdle in the path of your success.

So, how would you impact your growth by properly integrating criticism from your supervisors?

The process is simple and easy to determine. In the right way, criticism can tend you to move forward. Sharing mindful feedbacks will help you to strive towards a better deal in life.

Taking the sting out of criticism

According to a recent survey, it was proven that 60% of the personnel's faces backlash during their work. It happens regularly, but 45% of them tend to grow better.

Let us take this for a typical instance:

Dear Alex: I was about to finish my project at the last minute when my boss decided to call me. He asked me that it was my third year's evaluation. I was nervous, but I knew that it was the only key to my success. When I reached his office, he asked me to sit down while I was still gulping my tension. But then things went Hayworth. He told me that I was lazy, and the extra incentive is now a mere dream. But do you know what? I am about to do so much better than I usually do. It was my chance, which I missed, but you don't lose all the 100 shots you take.

I hope you are okay. I am doing fine, and I needed this evaluation to grow better.

Do you find anything out of the blue here?

After reading this letter, what was your initial reaction? You thought that Alex lost his mind, and what is he even doing?

You are not the only one then

60% of us tend to fall back when we receive criticism from our boss. We make up scenarios inside our heads, which can harm us. This is a negative integer, which can cause a lot of backlash in later. The role of our supervisor is to help you understand the purpose of your job. Providing positive, complimentary feedback helps you to get more robust, but makes you confident enough never to improve.

If you are on level one, you need to improve and go to level 100. That should be your goal. That should be your aim.

How to shun repetitive criticism?

There are some steps that you can take at your Workplace to work through criticism.

Don’t overthink

Are you overthinking? Anxiety at the Workplace is a mood killer, and it happens to 55% of us. Stress can impact your regular communication, cause you to make decisions that are way out of your league. If you are overthinking way too much, it is time for you to take a deep breath and relax. Close your eyes and think, for instance. If your boss has scolded you, there must be some fault in your work. Don't overthink that you are going to lose your job.

Why chase the bullet when you are just hit by an arrow?

Maybe communicate with them

If you are too scared to talk with your boss, the reason is that you are not comfortable. If you think that you work too hard but then, your boss won't leave your tail, it is time for you to stand up.

45% of workers inside a close environment reports about criticism. Criticism is not even part of their work. 30% of them are too scared to raise a voice.

It is time for you to know where you are right, where you need to stop.

Balance it out

As Koi Fresco said,

Balance is key to everything. What we do, think, say, eat, and feel they all require awareness through this awareness we can grow'.

We can feel it.

Balance is the key to a happy life. You need to balance everything to come to an impact. Overly constructive criticism is a way to create a harmonious workplace environment. Balance it out with your mind. Harness the energy and think about implications that can happen if you take them positively. Criticism is not your energy. It is your ladder to step one way towards your dream.

Avoid taking all the blame

Selfish persons are incapable of loving others, but they are not capable of loving themselves either.

- Erichh Fromm

Taking the blame for something which is not done from your end is kind of demeaning.

Taking the blame for something for which you are not accountable for is a crime. A crime of your self-beliefs where you are just keeping yourself in a mental jail. A mentor is always there to guide you through the basics. But there are times when they can criticize you for something which is not done from your end. Workplace critic is a positive integer but taking the blame for a fault not committed can bring a negative impact.

Have you heard about micro mentoring?

Micro mentoring is a way to keep things ahead. If you are feeling the work blues, resort to a platform that can help you to mentor your ideas and plans.

We know that you are new to your Workplace, and everything is happening so quickly.

But at Headstrt, we give you an idea to grow. An approach to relax for your possible future where you can bloom with happiness if you take the criticism positively.

The world's First Sharing Wisdom Platform helps you to understand the true meaning of criticism. Criticism is an art, and not every supervisor can make you realize that you need to improve. Most of them are just too busy never to pay any heed. If you are receiving criticism, let it come. Resorting to a platform that can help you to shine is the best way to get through.

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