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Growing quickly as a new joiner with the help of mentors

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

As a new joiner, we all find ourselves relating to the experience of having a nervous and confused expression when we were asked to demonstrate a skill we were never trained for. Most of us often find ourselves in challenging situations whether it is in terms of showcasing a skill or making tough decisions in our career which makes us realize the importance of a lighthouse. Today, we will look at the story of Bob, who was nothing different in this respect.

The story of Bob

Bob was recruited by the employer of the year ABC inc. It was a dream job for him. After undergoing ten challenging semesters of a graduate program, Bob was on cloud nine upon receiving the offer letter from this esteemed organization. After months of waiting, the day finally came when Bob had his onboarding. The training was also work-related. So Bob was told about his tasks and how to execute them. Happily, he went on to join the team of the biggest ongoing project. The project manager was informed that Bob is a high potential candidate. Making assumptions from that, she delegated a tedious task to Bob which required extensive use of a software Bob had no idea about.

Since the software was used extensively in the industry, Bob decided to take help from his peers. To his surprise, none of them had been provided a prior training on the same and were using it by reading online instructions. Bob was disappointed to see a company as large as ABC inc. not providing basic software training to its employees. Exasperated, he reached out to a senior member of his team. The person agreed to help Bob. The two of them sat together and completed the task. Bob was relieved that he could live up to the expectations of the project manager.

The very next day Bob was called in by his project's manager. He went to her eagerly in the hope of appreciation. However, the reaction he received was quite the opposite. The senior employee had engaged in some cheap workplace politics and had told on him. Bob was branded as incapable to undertake ownership of tasks in the eyes of his project manager who was very disappointed.

Bob was distraught. He sat down with his palms on his face. Only if he had someone to teach him the software! Only if someone could have made him aware of the shrouded organizational politics! Only if, this mentor he was wishing for, could have been someone outside of his organization he could trust completely. He wished for someone to guide him, hold his hand, and help him through his very nascent corporate journey.

The reflection

What Bob experienced, is faced by thousands of employees each day. Even the biggest organizations sometimes lack the capabilities or the interest to mentor employees in various aspects of their work life. As a new joiner, a person is already at a base level. Therefore, it becomes extremely difficult for such employees to display a steep learning curve which they desire for.

Hence what they yearn for, is some external and unrelated source of help. A kind of micro-mentor, who would understand their needs, career goals and aspirations. We also empathize with this idea. We feel through this kind of relationship, there is an opportunity for both mentors and mentees to grow. Below are some ways how new joiners can grow with the help of mentors and why is it a good idea for the mentors as well:

What is in it for the mentee?

1. Develop Skills: As demonstrated by Bob's story, a new joiner could really use help from external mentors to develop skills they have not been trained for. Even managing workplace politics should be counted as one. These skills may or may not be required in the current work they are doing however, it can always aid them in growing towards a future role they aspire for. Micro-mentoring sessions can help in opening their eyes towards the importance of such skills. It's also a great way to learn while keeping your risks of mistakes lower.

2. Grow Network: Once the new joiner is experienced in their role, they may consider a career or an organizational change. Since this employee is already in touch with their mentor, who may have aligned career interests, the employee can utilize his sources and develop his own network with like-minded people. This increases their chance of being visible in the job market and meeting people who would be interested in hiring them for better prospects.

3. Psychological Safety: New joiners, often find themselves containing their emotions at the workplace as they feel an expression of the same might cause a loss in opportunities. With their mentors, they can feel a sense of Psychological Safety.

Psychological safety is being able to show and employ one's self without fear of negative consequences of self-image, status or career

With their mentors and guides, they would feel free to demonstrate any emotion, discomfort, and celebrate any achievements without having to worry about consequences. Such a comfort would help them in developing emotional intelligence and remain calm in the most trying scenarios.

What is in it for the mentor?

1. Impart skills and knowledge: Micro-mentoring should not only be understood as a tool to empower the one seeking help. The one providing help is benefited equally. A mentor gets to showcase the skills which they have accumulated over the years. They finally have the opportunity to define the trajectory of someone's life with their guidance. Imparting knowledge is the biggest blessing they could give the society. It fills them with a sense of achievement for having contributed to the growth of the society.

2. Legacy to follow: Sometimes, the mentors end up finding mentees who truly believe and mirror their choices and career trajectories. So if a mentor is heading a knowledge-sharing initiative, a mentee may be able to inherit the same and continue their legacy. This builds a sense of trust in the mentor towards their mentee.

3. Special & unexpected benefits: please follow our post here.

We at Headstrt embody the above concept. While receiving formal mentoring via your own organization is good, they are situations where it not possible to do so. We understand that as a new joiner it can be extremely daunting to ask for help. It is then that you require help from external mentors for all the above-mentioned reasons. We strongly believe in sharing wisdom and we believe it should be shared by anyone from one corner of the world to another.

Therefore, we have come up with this unique Intelligence Marketplace that will enable you to share and gain insights on things that matter to you in your life. We encourage you to join our community today as either mentors or mentees and help the world grow!

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