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Updated: May 18, 2020

Many might argue that communism and capitalism don't go hand in hand, and neither do transparency with wealth disparity nor philanthropy with profit maximization as their underlying principles stand at loggerheads with each other. But most countries today are neither 100% capitalist nor 100% communist and like to be somewhere in between with their governance & policies, driving a somewhat stable co-existence of values from competing philosophies. Similarly, Profit maximization often precedes Philanthropy proving there is, in fact, a sequential coexistence. Likewise, we believe that the ethos of idealism and entrepreneurialism can prove to be more potent in co-existence than they would in isolation. After all, for how long will you like to do business with an entity that doesn't have strong foundational principles and for how long can an egalitarian society survive without commerce?

At Headstrt, we embody Idealism & entrepreneurialism as a part of our product & offering. We are a p2p wisdom graph at heart and a homogenous consumer internet marketplace from a commercial standpoint. We want to be global in our existence, and frequent in our utility. The only way we can thrive and grow our marketplace to its fullest would be by building a system that not just generates significant value, but also proves to be economically viable to sustain participation from the majority of its users. We are a value-based marketplace in which mentors are expected to help mentees meet their desired outcomes. We are pursuing a 2 forked philosophy that has aspects of both idealism & entrepreneurialism. Brandon Rohrer, who is well respected in the international Data Science community, shares his earnest views in this post on how he combines these 2 competing philosophies to serve impactful courses to the community.

"There is no delight in owning anything unshared" – Seneca

We believe in empowering Mentees & Mentors, or learners & coaches to thrive and grow together in a symbiotic partnership that can help each stakeholder build new skills, grow their network, and also get recognition every time they do stellar work on the idealism side. From a commerce standpoint, we will enable mentors/coaches to make money in a competitive environment based on their portfolio, endorsements, recommendations, expertise and many more factors in a competitive environment and drive Mentees to be more selective with Situations they want to build a solid foundation on, which eventually better serves the entire community by maximizing focus on what matters the most to each person. A secondary Income further propels top mentors to work harder in imparting their expertise/experiences/feedback to mentees and motivates them to spend more hours on the platform which is a win-win for all stakeholders. I hope, our post makes it clear on how we intend to drive sustainability with higher productivity for the Headstrt community.

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