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Linkedin & Quora are Awesome but meet Headstrt

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Linkedin & Quora have made our lives so much more informative, fun and productive. They both are incredibly successful companies, which have built their platforms with cutting edge algorithms, a colossal wealth of data on social interactions & user preferences, immensely successful frameworks, and technology underneath most of which they have developed themselves.

What impresses us the most is that these 2 social networks have been enormously successful on their set mission with which their founders started these incredible platforms. If you already did not know, here is their mission statement:

  1. Linkedin: Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.; Source

  2. Quora: Share & grow worlds's knowledge; Source

  3. Mission Statements for other Major-Tech companies

But while these missions are important, empowering and democratic they still leave room for plenty of innovation and that is exactly where Headstrt is born, and we are excited for other companies who are being created to uplift and enhance human lives with the power & potential of human lives. The rest of the blog exclusively focusses on what Headstrt brings to the table for every human, which is currently not met by the above 2 successful platforms.

World's First Sharing Wisdom Platform

While existing platforms have done a brilliant job connecting people and making their career history, achievements visible they witnessed & drove a creation of very heterogeneous content. Linkedin initially started as a professional social network and job site and Quora as Q&A site, where they opened themselves to content from all industries, demographics, functions & interests. While their reach is stunning, their content became heterogenous pretty quickly and there seem to be limits on how much value you can get from these platforms.

One critical area that got diluted or submerged in their deluge of heterogenous content is novel Insights. We are talking about people discovering the "why" behind important things that can help drive transformation & impact for many more people in the future. Insights are amongst the most abundant, yet most under-utilized assets currently in the world. Every person has discovered so many Insights in their entire lives, yet they are able to strategically share and benefit so few with those Insights. The problem here is not lack of intention but a lack of enablement, which can empower & incentivize everyone to share Insights & solve other's problems more actively.

We have tremendous respect for the connectedness, democracy, information & empowerment created by Social Media platforms so far and that only inspired us to build our own in the same industry. However, these platforms did not enable us to actively share Insights & solve problems for others, as the original mission for the creation of these Social Media Platforms was somewhat different, and this was the gap we went ahead to transform.

Where Headstrt precisely shines at:

- Exclusively built with the purpose of empowering & incentivizing users to share insights and solve problems for others

- Discover people not on the basis of their background/demographics but on the basis of Insights first

- Provides an opportunity to guide people on their complex, "first-time" problems with Transparency, Fairness, Empathy, Drive for Outcome

- Motivates people to give their best in terms of Performance, inputs, guidance to drive a common outcome

- Get a mentee & mentor rating & review and see its detailed component breakdown that can help you grow in professional & personal lives.

- Take help with anonymity as & when required to keep matters private to yourself & your chosen mentor

- Ensure either side are able to interact in a fair, secure & symbiotic manner

- Enable the mentee quickly acquire intelligence/Insights that they did not have without any consequences

- Enable the mentor to be compensated handsomely for the value they add and the guidance they offer

- Incentivize the mentor to give their best with an hourly mentoring fee that will be heavily dependent on many factors, especially performance, conduct, and ethics

- Deliver personalized feed of Insights to users for their daily discovery, to help users get more perspectives/strategies around everyday problem

- Empower mentees with the opportunity to filter and select a mentor who wants to see the mentee grow towards their outcome

Novel Insights post Internet Research

We firmly believe it's time that users are able to get more than just information on the web. We want to empower users with an ability to discover Insights from humans, which they can't find on the internet, while they interact through audio/video calls. It's time for the user to use the Internet to go beyond it!

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