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Updated: Jul 24, 2020

We live in an inter-connected and arguably tech-enabled world that learns and benefits from each other's work. In fact, it was our very ability to learn, communicate and adapt that led us to dominate the planet over all other types of living species. The wonderful and ever-improving multitude of Apps and Robots around us continue to save us time, effort and money and deliver us possibly better outcomes. While this brings us efficiency in a vast number of tasks we accomplish in our daily lives, we still run across situations very often, solutions to which are not straightforward. These could be in professional space, such as:

  • How would you maximize your shot at getting a promotion in your current job?

  • How could you better manage your relations with your report or improve their productivity?

  • How do you improve your working relations with your colleagues/investors?

  • How do you get more partners or clients in your business?

  • How can we get more engagement from the products/services we are building?

  • How do I launch my products/services in a new country?

Situations could exist in Personal space, such as:

  • How do you better manage your fitness & health goals?

  • What is some wealth management strategy you can employ which is tailor-made to your financial goals?

  • How do you learn & excel at new recipes/languages/hobbies/places?

  • How could I better prepare for parenthood?

  • How can you deepen your relationships with loved ones?

There could be a million more questions with a million times 2 solutions. While many of those solutions could be good, An opportunity to learn from a Subject Matter Expert or a great coach or someone who likes to give candid, dis-interested feedback could well make the difference b/w a reasonable and a great outcome. Often times, it's just getting actionable feedback, or an unbiased and informed second opinion that helps validates our strategies, or just learning from someone who has first-hand experience. Don't you wish if there was an App for this as well, in which everyone can find someone suitable to learn from, every time they interface a complex situation? What if this was in a conversational, contextualized, timely, transparent, and cost-efficient manner for a common outcome?

Presenting Headstrt, Social Learning Network for Insights, where users can learn and share knowledge, expertise, experiences with each other to achieve a common outcome. We want to empower our users with the opportunity to help as many others, as they can build better recognition for themselves for all the value they add to the lives of so many learners while earning an attractive secondary income. Learners have a great chance to learn from experts/experienced/benevolent stakeholders and get endorsements for how quickly they can grasp the situation and grow their network with experts.

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