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What makes a great Insight (PART 2)

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

In our last edition of what makes a great insight (PART1), we looked at the broad definition of insights and how they are different from observations. We looked at how the nature of insights should be to make it more credible and useful for the others. We explored that insight can be novel &contextualized, are evidence-based and drive the growth of a person. In this blog, we explore the journey of creating an insight by sharing examples from some of our own users and a team of Headstrt!

How and why to generate insights:

Insights require time and thinking. If you wish to develop insight, you need to experience new things in life. The more you experience, the more data you have to introspect on it and the more you introspect, the easier it is for you to develop insights. After developing these insights, it is prudent that you share them with the world to let people benefit from your wisdom. We believe that when you decide on sharing an insight, they should fit the below-mentioned characteristics. An insight should be:

1. Microscope: Helps people understand the "why" behind the situation

2. Lighthouse: Helps people find a clear way to the shore, circumventing troubles

3. Catalyst: Brings speed & confidence to decision making

So what does make a good insight?

Let's look at some examples from our users to understand more about what makes a good insight:

1. PhD after Masters, Yes or No!: Many students struggle with the thought of dedicating years to research. There is definitely a lot on stake for them. This wisdom shared by one of our users can be a great source of guidance for them.

The insight clearly defines the inner struggle and dilemma of the user before making this decision. It also explains how the user weighed all pros and cons before making a final decision. It can act as a catalyst to channelize their careers. It also well defines the characteristics of good insight and is formative. Thus we can say its both illuminating and constructive.

2. Pros and Cons of moving overseas for higher studies and should everyone do it? This insight shared by another user explores the major decision of moving abroad for studies. In this insight our user defines the wonderful experience of moving abroad for studies and exploring a new life, however, it also explores the costs and considerations one needs to do before taking this decision as it does require significant financial investments.

Such an insight, if shared via the tool of micro-mentoring, can be a useful source of wisdom for many who are in the dilemma of making this decision. Clearly insights can be a powerful tool in making an actionable decision

3. Anecdote: Understanding cultural differences at work: This is a personal insight that happened during my work assignment in The Netherlands. Fairly new to the western ways of working, I was at first taken aback by the Dutch punctuality and directness. Initially, I was bewildered by the thought of adjusting in a totally different work environment. However, after months of practice, interaction and not giving up, I started enjoying being direct and to the point. My Dutch friends helped me a lot in understanding the European perspective and it was only because of their support that I was able to appreciate the human connection behind the direct language and ultimately, gel with them. I would highly recommend everyone to have cross-cultural work experience.

4. Anecdote: Growing Skills in Lockdown: This personal insight for me happened a couple of weeks back. I was sitting at home and contemplating my options for managing my career during this COVID-19 crisis. Thanks to the lockdown, I did not have many avenues to explore but, to upskill myself. I realized that while upskilling might not be useful in the short-term, it is definitely going to help in the long run. I had a couple of courses pending since the beginning of the year. So I decided to devote time and finish them. Finishing the courses has not only appreciated by brand value but also has given me the satisfaction of having completed something which was long pending. I recommend you all to think on the same lines.

5. Insights from advertising campaigns: Some advertising campaigns are also known to provide great insights to people. The Always #LikeAGirl campaign has been considered as one of the most insightful campaigns for girls who hit puberty and lose confidence. According to a survey made by the company, 49% of girls lose confidence in sports after hitting puberty. The add exemplifies some of the high achieving girls and their struggle through puberty and how they can motivate others to follow their lead. In a way, it is also a visual form of wisdom sharing and mentoring

Throughout the examples we just shared with you, we saw an undertone of sharing wisdom. An insight should be developed in a way that benefits others. It should be aimed to help them learn from your mistakes and reap the benefits you saw by undergoing your experience. It should be developed in a way to help others.

We at Headstrt believe that micro-mentoring is a powerful tool to share this knowledge. With one on one sessions with the mentors, you get an advantage to receive their undivided time and attention. We are the Social Learning Network and we encourage the exchange of insights to make a better world. In our PART 3 blog of what makes a great insight we explore some more examples to help you structure the thought for the same. Till then, we would love to hear from you. Join our wisdom sharing platform today to know more!

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