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What makes a great Insight (PART 3)

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

So in our last two installments of what makes a great insight, we looked at what exactly an insight is and then how can we write one. Thanks to some great insights shared by our team at Headstrt, we learned the procedure to deduce insights. We at Headstrt, love sharing wisdom and therefore, would like to hear from you more. Hence, in this third and final installment, we look at some other examples shared by our team and then finally derive the reasoning which makes them so great.

So here are a couple of more examples from our team. We hope this shared wisdom helps you channelize your life and make good judgment.

1. Correct use of Data Science skills: Many people in today's world aim to have a career in data science. The sheer interest in statistics and other analytical tools is a big motivation for them. This insight shared by one of the team members explains how having technical skills is definitely a good idea, but magnetizing your brand and prioritizing the industry outlook as well is of equal importance. A graduate aiming to pursue a career in data science will find this advice extremely helpful. This is where insight sharing by someone can be a useful uplift for someone else's career.

2.Change of diet vs cultural preferences: As people are becoming more self-aware in this age of information, they are drifting towards adopting a healthy lifestyle. This example explores the journey of our teammate switching to a vegan diet. The example shows the benefits one can yield by not eating dairy or meat. Anyone who is considering a similar change will find the insight useful. It will motivate them to switch to this routine and will not let them have double thoughts about it.

3. Smart preparation for exams: Almost all of us who desire university education stumble across these mind-boggling competitive exams and spend hours and years preparing for it. This example explains how only working hard may not be useful at times and a tactical approach is required. For people under the pressure of preparing for such exams, this insight can be a breather. It can also help them re-evaluate their strategies and approach the preparation with a fresh perspective. Indeed this insight can be a worth million dollars!

4. Importance of networking: This is a personal insight that struck me when I moved to Sydney, Australia to pursue my MBA. Having three years of work experience before, which also included a managerial experience, I assumed that my resume would speak for itself. However, upon arriving here I was proven wrong. Being the youngest in my cohort, I had to compete with people having a more impressive CV than I had. I felt intimidated at first. However, this moment made me realize the importance of having industry connections and networking. I realized that having a good relationship with industry experts helped more than having an excellent resume and motivation. Since then, I learned the importance of networking and have been building relationships to accelerate my growth.

5. Insightful marketing campaigns: Consumer insights are a rich source of information to define marketing strategies and advertisement campaigns for companies. Many companies have been motivated to advertise a product a certain way after gaining consumer insights. The 2014‘Hear What You Want’campaign by Beats by Dr. Dre was inspired by the research conducted & data collected by the company which showed that music was used by athletes to improve focus and performance. The result was this advertisement:

"A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's experience" -Oliver Wendell Holmes

Such insights are a lighthouse for people and organizations planning to make life-altering decisions. Most of us learn from making mistakes. However, these insights can channelize us in the right direction from the very beginning. We at Headstrt believe in the same! Just imagine if we all had a micro-mentor who can guide us through these decisions by sharing their experiences and insights? Just imagine if our insights can be useful to someone who is in dire need of advice? Therefore, we constantly encourage our users to share insights which are:

1. Illuminating & constructive: Insights shared above can be a very constructive source of information for people deciding to follow their path.

2. Actionable for many: People can learn and build on these insights and avoid making mistakes. This will save time and increase their pace of growth.

3. Informative yet short: Nobody prefers reading a detailed account, the more succinct, the better.

We want to gain more wisdom from your experiences. Therefore, we want you to come and join our Social Learning Network today and :

1. Share the jeweled experiences of your life with people who may want to share your experiences and get paid for it!

2. Learn from the best and define an error-free trajectory for your life.

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