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Why do all startups need a Headstrt?

Updated: Jul 24, 2020


21st Century is an interesting and transformational time to live and be a part of. We have embraced so many inventions in our professional, social & personal lives which were only imaginable (Social Media, Sharing Economy, Edge Computing, Robots, Fully-autonomous cards, 3D Printing) by our ancestors and sometimes possibly un-imaginable (Flying to Mars, VR/MR, etc). These inventions and innovations have added value to our society and are widely regarded as they could fulfill their purpose. While what we can potentially access is impressive, there is no dearth of opportunities and unsolved problems that can further enrich our civilization. Many purposes still need to be met and we can't wait to see what this decade has for us in store.

Our Opportunity

One purpose we could recognize was a platform where each person could share novel & beneficial insights with the society at large with all being in one place. While Large Social Networks have done an extraordinary job when it comes to connecting people and letting them share their moments, media files, likes, updates, achievements, Q&A and thoughts with each other, none of them were purely built with the purpose of empowering users to simply share novel Insights with each other, and partnering with each other over Insights which seemed most relevant to our current problems. After all, who does not need Insights to grow further in life or who did not have any Insight to share.

Discovering the most under-utilized and most omnipresent asset

Sharing Economies were born of the idea that under-utilized assets exist and they could benefit multiple people when incentives are aligned. Surprisingly the most important, transformational, unique and abundant asset which is novel, first-hand insights have been largely untapped. This is an opportunity we saw for ourselves and have been hard at work since September 2019 to build a Hi-Tech platform that uses Machine Learning, Social Interactions and Knowledge graph at its core to connect the dots. I started the company alone but now we are a fully distributed team of 10 folks. With Technology as our foundation and Emotional Intelligence as our core value, Headstrt is uniquely positioned to open doors for many people around the world.

The heartbeat of our platform

Like the way:

  • Facebook has Posts

  • Instagram has photos

  • Twitter has Tweets

  • Pinterest has Pins

  • Quora has questions

  • Youtube has videos

  • and Tumblr has Micro-blogs

Headstrt has Insights. It is our currency and also the heartbeat of our platform, as we are all about empowering users to share as many novel Insights as they can with our network.

How does this work?

What Headstrt offers is a platform where you can share novel & short Insights on First-hand experiences with some proofs or descriptions with the network for free. All users can browse all published insights for free and can personalize discovery as they prefer. Whenever they stumble upon an Insight which seems very valuable, they are welcome to book sessions with the other user across a variety of formats. The person requesting the booking, in this case, is referred to as Mentee and gets to propose the outcome, cadence and the person who has agreed to help is referred to Mentor. Upon booking, they can partner with each other over Audio/Video chats. Since we are a pure-play online platform, borders no longer become boundaries for users to discover and work with each other on our platform.

Our Differentiators

Headstrt offers a great deal of transparency by enabling users to upload their portfolios, past performance, endorsements, achievements, reviews, availability and mentoring fees. Headstrt also takes trust, security, and fairness pretty seriously and moderates all transactions happening on the platform to make this a fair & secure trade for both sides. The best part about Headstrt is that a lot of these bookings will be happening for free to the benefit of the Mentee while all others will be paid where we will compensate the mentors generously for their time & efforts. We are incredibly biased for performance here and our business model strongly incentivizes users to give their best, as performance will be linked to reviews, network expansion & future compensation.

Strategy and USP

Headstrt has a 2 forked strategy to deliver value to its user base:

  1. To empower users with curated insights and securely connect them with the person behind the Insights

  2. To encourage & incentivize users to give their best to mentoring with compensation, added skills, ratings, reviews & recognition using Data & Algorithms

We are bringing the openness, creativity, and connectedness of User Generated Content (UGC) and the pragmatics and responsibility of sharing economies. We believe Social commerce is here to stay and can't wait to see how our users can utilize Headstrt to enrich each other's lives.

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