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Why experienced corporates should offer & request Feedback

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Communication is a very powerful tool. It is defined as the means of sending and receiving information. Science defines communication as a two-way process. For centuries, the notion of communication has enabled mankind to exchange ideas and thoughts. As communication is a two-way process, there are two parties involved, the sender and receiver. Below attached picture clearly exemplifies the process of communication. Being a two-way process, there is definitely a scope for feedback.

When we look at the perspective of organizations, many corporates rate communication & emotional intelligence as amongst their top skills. Since they put so much emphasis on this, it is prudent for them to be open to the concept of feedback.

Oxford defines feedback as the following:

Information about reactions to a product, a person's performance of a task, etc. which is used as a basis for improvement.

Clearly, the definition speaks for itself, However, we have a few more concepts to elaborate the same.

There are many reasons why feedback exchange is a good idea. We will unravel these points from the perspective of a fresh graduate and an employee.

A graduate's story: From a graduate's perspective, receiving feedback is of prime importance. A graduate who joins a new organization is straight out of university, has no corporate experience, and needs to blend well in the existing culture for them to grow. Feedback, sources to be a useful tool and guiding them through all the above-mentioned scenario. A feedback offered to this graduate from someone who cares and has a proven track record can prove to be very valuable. While it is encouraged by fresh graduates to get as much feedback as possible from their employers, they should absolutely explore feedback sources & opportunities well beyond their companies too. This makes feedback more unbiased, objective, diverse, and brings fresh perspectives from 'dis-interested' stakeholders.

Employee's perspective: The existing employee, aspires to grow their career. These days employees wish to be challenged and motivated. They are open to constructive criticism as it enables them to further grow in their careers. When they are offering feedback to other corporates/students, they are growing with the people they are guiding in many ways. While gathering feedback from others also helps corporates grow in aspects that they are not the strongest at and are also benefiting from multiple perspectives and having the opportunity to validate their blindspots.

Guidance & feedback can be a great way to grow and having access to a network of experts can improve our odds of success for most people. It is an asset that everyone can have, but only a few chose to make an effort to build this network. We are here to make this process of discovery & partnerships fun, personalized, impactful, and easier.

Businesses should encourage their employees to participate more in feedback exchange, as companies too would-be beneficiaries of these gains at the end of the day. Here are the advantages for both employer & employees in pursuing this approach:

1. Improves organization culture: Whether it is from the perspective of a new graduate who has joined the organization, an existing employee, or the management itself. Everyone has a win-win from taking feedback. Constructive feedback motivates the individual or organization to introspect. This introspection causes them to assess and evaluate the benefits and shortcomings. Ultimately, such feedback causes growth in an individual or an organization. With individuals and the organization experiencing growth, it leads to the development of an improved organizational culture which is also symbiotic.

2. Enhances employee engagement: Upon receiving feedback, employees feel a greater sense of belonging towards the organization. They realize that their work is valued and respected by the organization and their contributions are not minuscule. This causes them to be further motivated to work. The following Harvard business review article shows an excerpt from Jacob Morgan's book, The employee experience advantage.

Headstrt understands the importance of feedback. We feel that it enables us to share and develop insights. We empower & incentivize users to exchange feedback well beyond their organizations. We can't wait to see you benefit yourself & others in our community.

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