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Why gather Insights from people, when you can extract it with Internet

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

The worldwide Industrial Revolution of the 21st century

The Internet has helped us find jobs, relationships, tickets, book dinner tables, book conference rooms, do video conferencing, make calls, discover investment & saving opportunities, and a million other things. Kept us abreast of what our network is up to? what's the latest in the market or industry? Changes in laws, people of power, fame & a lot more.

It has helped create, shape & power so many businesses that generated better paying, cutting edge jobs which helped the economy grow faster and helped everyone lead an arguably better or at least comfortable lives.

To cut the long story short, it has provided us all with information & enablement with extremely convenient with savings on time & efforts, and possibly also a good deal on money. We are all internet addicts and it will be hard for us to survive without even a week of internet now.

But a lot of us also believe that it can help answer every question for us directly without ever having to resort to human help. After all, what is that one thing that the internet is not capable of doing in the future now that it can easily control physical machines in its network?

This is where I intend to bring illumination and prove that it is the combination of rich human creativity & wisdom along with everything else that the Internet can offer that has driven the greater good for all. Not all the world's wisdom, empathy, Ideas are on the internet and you will need to collaborate strategically with relevant people to enrich ourselves of the same.

Unique situations & challenges come often and the Internet won't solve your problem

Don't believe me? Here is a checklist. Let me know what you feel after this:

  1. How did I get promoted at work, and enjoy a swanky pay and respect amongst colleagues?

  2. How do I get a job at that buzzy named brand?

  3. What can I do to have my date go head over heels on me?

  4. How do I grow my net worth by a million dollars over the next 5 - 10 years?

  5. My marriage is failing, what do I to save my partner from leaving me?

  6. How do I get multiple offers from VC at the Seed stage?

  7. How do I create a big noise about my company's brand Pre & Post IPO?

  8. How do I become a top developer in this new language?

  9. How do I get a million Instagram followers and feel like a celebrate influencer?

  10. How do I get this bad-ass techie to come work for my firm at an executive role?

  11. What soft terms can I throw into my VC contract to get a slightly better deals with my current VCs?

  12. How would a particular hobby help me make new friends & open more career options for me?

  13. I have been fired repeatedly, what am I doing wrong and how can I finally get a job that truly understands me?

  14. How can I get the best leadership ratings across all managers?

  15. How do I export my goods & services to a foreign country and grow my business there?

  16. How do I navigate my harassment & discrimination at my company to still grow fast in career?

  17. etc etc etc

The list is indeed very very long, but if you pay attention you will realize there is a pattern in all such questions. These questions are all seeking a competitive advantage and might very well be the first time you are coming across such a situation.

But what is unique or first-time to you, may not be first-time to this world. In fact, chances are that there would be someone who has successfully navigated the situation.

Won't it be so impactful that if this person could guide us on the same and share their clever decisions and mistakes made along the way? If nothing you get perspectives and a validation. Else, you might walk out with an escape around embarrassing or costly mistakes. Doesn't sound like a bad deal, ain't it?

Wait a second, there are Quora and so many more Q&A sites

True that and here is the list and most of them are free, hopefully, won't trouble you much with sponsored or Search optimized content ;). They are cross-topic, have a large user base, have some form of verification for quality of answer, trust & safety for user gathering & sharing information on them. So where is the broken neck here?

Good news, there is none! They are all helpful ways to gather context, bring a lot of awareness, help connect users, and let them text freely in a way that multiple people can benefit from such textual conversations.

All of the above are helpful, but sometimes they prove to be insufficient. Here is how:

  1. No incentive for the other person to help you as soon as they can

  2. No incentive for the other person o give their absolute best for your responses

  3. No Incentive for the other person to spend several hours to come & solve your problem

  4. No moderation in regards to Trust & Safety for this ongoing chat for its veracity and professionalism

  5. No Incentive for the other person to provide you a detailed feedback about your performance & where you stand

  6. Hard for the other person to gather complete context in just text

  7. Hard to maintain privacy as the conversations are out there in open, so no confidentiality maintained

  8. Hard for the other person to come up with a solution that can solve your problem without getting full context from the above point

  9. No proof of expertise for the other person or how many people have they helped in the past

  10. Hard to get a sense of the portfolio for the other person

  11. etc etc, the list goes on

Only humans can imagine & solve new problems for humans

We are big AI fans ourselves and using it immensely within Headstrt to provide a better experience to users, but that doesn't mean we tend to believe that it's the destination to all important & impactful human problems. AI is a solution, tool, platform, and enablement but it still can't think independently to solve a new human problem the way a human can. Empathy, perspectives, First-hand insights bring trust, inventiveness, strategy, and joy to the conversation which Internet/AI will find it hard to create on their own.

After all, we are humans and only a human can take accountability for us and will take pride in seeing us win.

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