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I wish someone had told me about this before I embarked upon my "something exciting"!

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Have these retrospective & unnerving thoughts circled your mind several times in life so far? Well, my friend, I would like to assure you that most of us are in the same boat. We are over wired to conventional human wisdom that tells us to learn from mistakes, which predates itself on we making & more importantly detecting mistakes on our way as we do things. Try & try till you win may not be an optimal strategy on a variety of scenarios. Just think about it, how many high stakes event in life gives us multiple opportunities to iterate and succeed? Whether these are big social events such as planning a loved one's silver jubilee, marriage or baby showers or milestone corporate financing events such as planning an IPO, M&A, or inking multi-year deals? How many shots do we get to do ace competitive entrance exams or defending your Ph.D. thesis for which you have worked hard for several years? Life often gets unapologetic upon us and gives us a few if more than 1 opportunity. Learning from one's own mistakes is certainly sub-optimal and might put us at a disadvantage. However, it doesn't mean we have no way out of this for such critical & rewarding life events.

“If a person has the stupidity of learning something bad only by experiencing it, then let him learn it by experiencing it!”Mehmet Murat ildan

An efficient alternative is to be able to learn from other's experiences & errs. By doing so, our learning is not limited [Our Age] but Sum of [Age of all, who can guide us]. That automatically multiplies the amount of unique data we have, as no two lives are the same. But learning, in this case, is not just limited to other's errors or experiences. We also benefit from getting their perspective on opportunities/challenges before us, which helps us think more creatively about the problems at hand. Sure, theoretically all of that sounds right but how executable & pragmatic is it for us to get multiple expert guidance from people who are empathetic, solidly skilled/experienced and have got our back, every single time? Additionally, would it be affordable, timely, trust-worthy? What is the expert's angle on this and how would they benefit from interacting with us? To address all these factors & more, we are proud to build a Sharing Wisdom Platform that can potentially get on top of these challenges.

As someone who has also made dozen+ mistakes, a lot being non-trivial and painful and realising others sometimes solved the same problem I had differently, I realised there is definitely a way to make better decisions in life. When I looked around at friends/acquaintances and after hearing there problems/mistakes retroactively, I was convinced that their situation was not dissimilar from mine and they too could have benefitted by learning from experienced, empathetic people and they would have totally preferred to so if they had the choice. Some of them wanted to grow in career/business, while others wanted to better plan their finances & investments and the list goes on. How fun it would be if there was a way to learn things at scale from the right minds. At Headstrt, we see technology as a solution to this, and we are on our way to make our Cross-Platform solution open to use as early as possible. Our Beta users program is now open, and we would love to have you on our list.

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