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How we benefit from a "Work from Anywhere" Culture?

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Headstrt is a global p2p Wisdom Marketplace. We are working towards empowering people to learn and share with each other based on specific expertise, & experiences. We believe while we are a stealth-mode startup that is currently in Product-Development & Beta testing phase, and have a high bar for what we want to deliver to our users, we do feel casual breaks, quick conversations with friends & family make this journey significantly less stressful and fulfilling that unfortunately make early startup employees have to go through. For us, building a great startup that can improve the lives of multitudes of people is a marathon and not sprint, so from early on we want to follow a lifestyle that is symbiotic and sustainable for both of us. While every coin has 2 sides, we wanted to take the opportunity to share how a "Work from Anywhere" culture helps us do more with less.

Time & Money savings: As a bootstrapped startup, time is money and money is a liberator for many more months of growth. One easy way for us to save money is not to rent out fancy/not-so-fancy co-working spaces. This also helps us save on commute/parking time which is an excellent bonus. 4 hrs of traveling saved a week/person and with a 3 person team, we are already saving our company significant time which we are able to use to deliver a better product & to rejuvenate ourselves emotionally & physically. Best part this time & money savings scale with our headcount and there could be no better example than Invision.

If you buy things you don’t need, you will soon sell things you need. - Warren Buffet

De-facto Diversity&Inclusion: While most companies aspire to have a workforce that is diverse and think of creative ways to give them a bigger slice of the decision-making pie, it becomes a deeply ingrained and inseparable part of our evolution as a small startup. We have 8 team-mates working from 10 well-distanced cities, and we have a plan on adding 5 head-counts. Besides having complementing skills, we each have a strong say in the company which has a solo founder. With a transparent, merit-based, and diverse hiring, we have been able to get multiple perspectives on problems so often, which definitely keep things afloat and cruising in the right direction. We collaborate actively over video-conferencing, workplace, video White boarding, and a multitude of others, besides of course phone-calling any time.

Attracting mission-driven achievers: You might be reading this for the million-and-one time, but the demand for quality talent is fierce and for a bootstrapped startup, it is also unfair. But guess what, this ever-evolving talent market does have discreet opportunities for small startups with big ambitions. Since professionally our entire team meets & works on the internet, we never had to limit ourselves to big metropolitans where we can get outcompeted with large tech companies strictly on the basis of cash & equivalent compensation. We are seeing success attracting & connecting with people who choose to live at spots which are conventionally not large tech hotbeds, and additionally, we face no immigration hurdles pursuing this. This will create opportunities for the people we see a fit with our needs so that we can deliver a great value proposition to our users and get a more global outlook which only aligns with the TAM of our company.

Friends and Family time/help: This is another key leverage for us both in terms of getting a quick escape from work anxiousness, and also getting help from their resources in terms of contacts/references as they have a nice view of what we are up to.

We are excited to hear from you on how has your experience been working remotely in a fully/semi-remote company and exchange perspectives and constructive suggestions. Thanks for reading :)

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