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Headstrt is a Social Learning Network. We are here to build a graph that can transform, empower & enrich the lives of millions of consumers on a global scale. As a part of our offering, we believe that bias towards excellent outcomes, transparency, empathy, price effectiveness, and timeliness can substantially improve the ways people would partner with each other over unique opportunities and challenges.


We acknowledge the responsibility we have proudly undertaken and we want to execute on the same from our early days. We present in the coming sections publishing guidelines for our users for different aspects/products on our platform.


This is the heart of Headstrt and our currency for success. We are incredibly thankful to all those who have taken time to describe their success, failures & learning with a view to enlighten viewers and offer insights into how they could help the reader upon consultation. Below are the guidelines for successful Insights: 

  1. Absolutely upload an Image/GIFs to communicate your story, as it greatly enhances the quality of content for viewers

  2. Picking an informative & relevant title to describe the Insights you want to share (max.100 chars)

  3. Publish experiences in regard to any aspects of life. Creativity, Exclusivity, and Veracity are greatly valued

  4. Feel free to embed web links/deep links to better express your value offering to enhance information consumption & decision making of viewers

  5. Always post authorized content or content from which you have permissions

  6. Keep post length to less than 1000 chars; Let’s save verbose for legal contracts 

  7. Do not share highly confidential information in this section. Keep in mind that under no circumstance that Headstrt or its subsidiaries or partner network would encourage users to share the same on this part of your profile


We absolutely love our users to express their thoughts and reactions through comments, as they bring life to almost any post across all platforms, including Headstrt. They also serve as a great way for users to better interact with each other at the same time, helps post creators gain insights into what works best for their use case. While posting comments is much encouraging, we want to drive a culture where comments take us to the next level of interactivity and connectedness amongst users, with the below guidelines:

  1. Only post relevant comments and be respectful to other commenters

  2. We do not tolerate any discriminatory (Gender, Age, Nationality, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Disabilities, Socio-Economic Demographics)

  3. Avoid posting hateful, defamatory or polarizing statements; Headstrt is a social platform and content created by any user is solely at their discretion and Headstrt has no stance in leading them to create the same

  4. Avoid posting the same comments repeatedly as that may lead to readability fatigue for community and dampen avg. quality of content browsed


Profile Description/Identity details:

  1. Do not post fake or inaccurate content; Imposters may get banned from our platform once verified by our algorithms

  2. Keep the profile description short (max 200 chars), so that more viewers can complete reading it with the limited time they have

  3. Avoid using hateful or discriminatory content on profile description; Headstrt is a Sharing Wisdom platform where people come forward to help others. Hate/Discrimination does not go hand in hand with requesting or offering help.

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