Headstrt Insights


Insights are the single biggest currency of success for the community at Headstrt. These are evergreen nuggets of wisdom that you can share with others to potentially guide them with their decision making or understanding in regards to your topic. Insights are:

  1. Microscope: Helps people understand the "why" behind the situation

  2. Lighthouse: Helps people find a clear way to the shore, circumventing troubles

  3. Catalyst: Brings speed & confidence to other’s decision making

What Insights are not:

  1. Observations: Which change based on scenario and information

  2. Questions: Which may drive curiosity and would lead to an investigation

  3. Suggestion: Which recommend users new things or potentially brings improvement  

We want to drive our users to publish Insights that are:

  1. Illuminating & constructive

  2. Actionable for many

  3. Informative yet short

And, We want our users to publish Insights without:

  1. Any sensitive, classified or confidential information

  2. Sullying, Swear or anything defamatory about any person, entity, place, group or belief

Please read our publishing guidelines for more context here.

Anatomy of a Headstrt Insight

Headstrt Insights will have just 3 core components, namely:

  • Title: A suitable heading for the Insight (Max 100 Characters)

  • Image/GIF: A suitable proof for the story you want to share

  • Body: The insight itself with some details and context. Remember this is how you will attract future business to your profile, so keep it enlightening and short