Headstrt | Wisdom Sharing Platfom
Headstrt | Wisdom Sharing Platfom

Headstrt is a new Social Network, where I will post media and memes for my friends?

Well, we love Social networks too but we are not one of them. We are an Expertise Gathering Marketplace that empowers Growth seekers who could be working professionals, investors, business owners, etc to gather permissible knowledge from Subject-matter experts or get transformative coaching from many of our business coaches.

Headstrt makes money by showing Ads or bundling my data?

Absolutely not! We make money from our marketplace commissions and Corporate subscription products that are geared towards specialized solutions for businesses.

Headstrt is just another professional database of experts?

We beg to differ! We power expert searches with the help of Contextual AI, and not the archived methods that let people search by just industry, titles & location. Contextual AI empowers Clients to get problem-specific matches instead of generalists, which may be cookie-cutter for your unique challenges.

So Headstrt will help me partner with problem specific experts on the fly that are personalized to my search and incentivize them to work successfully towards my outcome?

Woo hoo! This is fact and we are thrilled to be in service for you.

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Social | Headstrt - Sharing Wisdom

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